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Perfect for the Family Cycle Trail

We have hand picked the best bikes from the Marin bikes range to ensure they are exactly what you need for a fantastic ride in the forest.

Our cycle hire bikes cater for the whole family from babies & toddlers right through to grandparents. We aim to provide you with the perfect bike and everything you need to make sure you have an awesome time. Hopefully we have covered everything you need to know below, but in case we have missed something please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Prices includes helmets & locks.

Cycle Trail Bikes

Adult Cycle Trail Bike
Adult Cycle Trail Bike

The Marin Bolinas 1 equipped with Shimano gears and disc brakes this is the ideal bike for those leisurely rides around the forest. Available in sizes Xsmall 13", Small 15", Medium 17", Large 19", Xlarge 20.5", XXlarge 22"

£15 3hrs / £20 Fullday

E-Bike Hire
Cycle Trail E-Bike

The Marin Sausalito is the perfect combination, with comfort geometry a partial step through frame and the all important Shimano power assist electric motor to make cycling more leisurely. Available in sizes Small 15", Medium 17" & Large 19"

£45 Full Day

E-Bike Hire
Cargo E Bike

The Benno Boost cargo E bike is equipped with two child seats and an electric pedal assist motor, too make carrying two small children super easy. With its wide tyres this bike is perfect for getting the whole family out on two wheels enjoying the forest.

£80 Full Day

Adult Cycle Trail Bike
Adult Comfort Bike

This is the perfect bike for new or less confident cyclists looking for a more comfortable ride. With the ground never too far from your feet the step through frame offers a considerably lower cross bar allowing those that may struggle mounting & dismounting to do so gracefully.

£15 3hrs / £20 Fullday

Adult Cycle Trail Bike
Extra Small Adult Bike

Marin Bolinas 26 with its slightly smaller 26" wheel is perfect for taller children and shorter adults. Available in a 13" frame size.

£15 3hrs / £20 Full Day

Kids Cycle Trail Bike
24" Kids Bike

Perfect for getting the kids out and about enjoying all the forest has to offer on two wheels. These bikes are seriously capable and normally suit 8-11 years old depending on their height.

£10 3hrs / £15 Full Day

Kids Cycle Trail Bike
20" Kids Bikes

Great bikes for the younger members offering some serious fun. These bikes normally suit 5-7 years old depending on their height.

£10 3hrs / £15 Full Day

16" Wheel Kids Bike

This 16" wheel Scott bike is perfect for those around 3-4 years old. Whilst they are probably too small to be on a mountain bike they can still enjoy the freedom of pedalling unaided.

£9 3hrs / £12 Full Day
currently unavailable

Kids Tag A Long Bike
Tag along Kids Bike

A fantastic way to cover more miles with the younger members of the family and a great way to build confidence and ability with a little assistance. Tag-a-long bikes need to be hired with an adults cycle trail bike and usually suit 3-6 year olds.

£10 3hrs / £13 Full Day

Kids Cycle Trail Bike
Kids trailer Bikes

Perfect for getting the kids out and about and covering a few more miles, even when they can't ride on their own. Trailers need to be hired with an adults cycle trail bike and usually suit 1-3 year olds.

£10 3hrs / £13 Full Day

Kids Bike Seat
Childs Seat

Allowing you to cover more miles with ease when they are too young to ride on their own. Seats need to be hired with an adults cycle trail bike and usually suit 9months - 18 month old babies.

£8 3hrs / £10 Full Day

Tandom Bike
Tandem Bikes

This is a must try and can be a lot of fun. The front is a Large frame size 19" whilst the back is a Medium 17" offering a little bit of flexibility in rider heights.

£30 3hrs / £45 Full Day

Puncture Repair kit hire
Puncture Repair Kit Hire

Don't worry about getting punctures out on the trail. Hire one of our Dakine Hotlaps packs with all the essentials you need for keeping those tyres inflated.

£3.00 per day.

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Unfortunately we cannot hire out any bikes without a deposit so please do not forget to bring your valid photographic ID such as a driving licence or passport. Alternatively if you are leaving your car in our car park we can hold car keys as security for the bikes (and it's also a great way to make sure you don't lose them on your ride).

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